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Our New Design Center is Now Live!

Looking for inspiration? Look no further, Mountain View Stone's new design center is now live! 

Shop by room photo galleries

We have built a substantial image library over the years. All of our completed installation images are customer submitted (thank you to all of our amazing customers for sending us so many amazing completed installation images). All of our completed installation images are true to color, we do not enhance or manipulate our images at all. There may be some differences from image to image, however this variation is caused by different lighting conditions and image quality. We add all installation images to each product page, but as we have so many images we decided the best way to organize them for proper viewing was to post them all to Pinterest. Our Pinterest page sorts all of our images by profile, by color, and by installation room. Are you looking for fire place inspiration? We have a Pinterest board for that. Need some ideas for your outdoor kitchen? We have a Pinterest board for that. Wondering if Mountain View Stone really is commercially rated? We have a Pinterest board for that. You get the idea!

Shop by color

Our shop by color page allows you to easily find the perfect stone to match your design style and color scheme. From gray to black, or brown to red, we have a large color library and you're sure to find the exact look and finish you've been searching for. Whether you are looking for bold and striking, or a subtle and understated, our shop by color page makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Best sellers

Wondering what is popular? Wondering what is in style? Browse our best sellers page to see this season's best sellers and what designers, architects, and home owners are choosing.

Stone blends

Multiple stone veneer styles can be blended together to create a custom appearance. Varying the percentage of each profile creates drastically different looks, which enables further refinement of the style you are trying to achieve. We have examples of the three post popular stone blends. Check out our stone blends page for some unique design ideas. Typically, blends of smaller stone profiles and larger stone profiles are combined at a rate of 80% smaller profiles (ledge stone or stack stone) and 20% larger profiles (field stone, lime stone or hackett stone). It is also possible to blend two smaller profiles together (stack stone and ledge stone) but we recommend a 50% stack stone and 50% ledge stone blend when combining these two profiles. The last type of stone blending is to combine multiple colors together of the same profile in varying percentages to achieve the custom appearance you desire.

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