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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I see your stone veneer and brick veneer before I purchase?

When it comes to your home renovation or building project, we know and appreciate how important it is to choose the right product. While we do our best to offer high quality images of all of our products, sometimes you need more than just images, which is why we now offer samples of all of our brick veneer and stone veneer! Our samples, on average cover a 6"x6" area and are actual product. Our samples allow you to see and touch the product and get a good understanding of weight, thickness, color and color variation, etc.

We encourage all of our customers to test our samples to ensure they meet your standards and expectations, and of course if you have any questions please let us know, we are more than happy to help you!

And as an added bonus when you purchase Mountain View Stone samples we cover the shipping (applies to the continental USA. For orders shipping to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico please contact us for shipping rates.).

2. What is your return policy?

We will gladly accept the return of products that are defective due to defects in manufacturing and/or workmanship for 30 days from the date of purchase. Fulfillment mistakes that we make resulting in the shipment of incorrect product to you will also be accepted for return 30 days from the date of purchase. For further information please see our full terms and conditions.

3. What is the warranty on your stone veneer and brick veneer?

Warranty is for a period of 50 years covering manufacturing defects as long as it is used on structures conforming to local building codes and installed according to manufacturer’s written instructions. Damages resulting from wall movement, settlement of the structure, staining, oxidation, paint or contact with chemicals will not be covered under this warranty. Warranty coverage is limited to replacement of defective materials only; labor cost will not be covered. Manufacturer’s warranty must be validated with original paperwork. For full warranty details or to download a PDF copy please click here.

4. Can I purchase Mountain View Stone brick veneer and stone veneer in store?

While we do not currently sell in store, however a selection of our best-selling designs are available at: and

5. Can I blend different stone veneer profiles together?

Multiple stone veneer styles can be blended to create a custom appearance. Varying the percentage of each profile creates drastically different looks, which enables further refinement of the style you’re trying to achieve. Typically blends of smaller and larger stone profiles are 80% smaller profile (Ledge Stone or Stack Stone) and 20% larger profile (Field Stone, Lime Stone or Hackett Stone). It is also possible to blend two of the smaller profiles (Stack Stone and Ledge Stone) but we recommend a 50% Stack Stone and 50% Ledge Stone blend when combining these two profiles compared to the 80/20 blend. These percentages are 100% customizable. Multiple colors can also be combined together in varying percentages to achieve the custom appearance you desire. *Important to note stone style percentages and if using multiple colors to ensure proper installation. Stone styles and colors are packaged separately and will need to be blended during installation.*

6. How do I install Mountain View Stone brick veneer and stone veneer?

Glad you asked, and it is a bit of a lengthy answer. Mountain View Stone brick veneer and stone veneer is designed for a range of skill levels from the do-it-yourself enthusiast to the professional contractor. For full installation details or to download a PDF copy please click here.

7. How do I clean Mountain View Stone brick veneer and stone veneer?

Use a non-etching concrete cleaner to remove clay, dirt, mortar residue, or other stains on stone. A pressure washer may be used to clean stone as long as it does not exceed 3000 psi, a yellow tip (wide fan) is used, and a minimum distance of 18” is kept back from the stone. We recommend that after stone and mortar is fully cured, has been cleaned and is dry, apply our water-based concrete sealer to help repel the elements and keep stone clean. NEVER USE A WIRE BRUSH OR ACID TO CLEAN STONE. For full care and maintenance details or to download a PDF copy please click here.

8. I have more questions, can I contact Mountain View Stone?

For general information and questions please call: (864) 882-8960 Mon. - Fri. 8am - 5pm (EST) or email: we are more than happy to help you. Or you can submit your questions via our website here.